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Sensual femininity for a new normal

Keeping it simple, kind, and close to home. There it is, in a nutshell. Head Designer and CEO, “Sandra Näsström, is shaking off the world’s worries and creating a whole new normal – far from the norms of throw-away fashion and the shallow values so often associated with it.”

Recently Sandra was interviewed by Editor Linnea Dunne for the April Issue of SCAN Magazine. Interestingly the magazine targets travelers by plane and as you know that’s not happening. So here we are. Sandra’s been locked down in Italy since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak and now the world has never been more ready for a new concept in consumerism as it is now. 

“We may not yet have come full circle with the acceptance of just how huge this shift will be.” For Chambres it couldn't be a better time to spread a wiser vision of kindness, a close to home production community, and the euphoria of feminine energy. Something that Chambres has committed to since 2012. 

SCAN Magazine article didn't make it on planes, which is its primary target group, but it has made it to you as you relax at home. So while you boil the water for a nice cup of tea, go slip on something beautiful, comfortable and sensual. Sit in a comfortable spot and enjoy the article. Here’s the link:

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