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Like Water for Charms.

"The ocean is a central image. It is the symbolism of a great journey."-- Enya

The ideas and qualities embedded in the symbolism of the Chambres Charm are the heart of infinity. How beautiful this is to contemplate. These energetic qualities are aligned with numbers 8 and 6 and are designed within its form. It was a conscious choice to empower it with these intentions. Living with intent is living a life of meaning and connection. We invite you to embrace the power that setting intentions hold. 

The connection to childhood memories in the north by the Baltic Sea of water crystal beauty inspires our true intent and symbolizes the eternal loop of the wonders of nature and the universe. It reminds us that connection to ourselves creates an authentic connection with others. 

From a personal charm into a co-creation at its best, Chambres partnered with a longtime family friend and Royal Appointed Jeweller, Gaudy of Sweden. We find deep comfort in the flow of working with others that exhibit high integrity and supreme craftsmanship in what they do. Sharing joy in the details takes precedence for us. 

We believe the first step in the success of anything is setting your intentions. 

Have you tried this flow in your charmed life?

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