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Designer Sandra Nässtrom's thoughts on Chambres and the future.

Thank you for being part of the Chambres lifestyle. Recently we asked designer Sandra Nässtrom her thoughts on Chambres and the future of fashion. This is what she had to say.

Let me tell you my view on the clothes of the future. The future says:

Simplicity, freedom, versatility, luxurious feeling and quality.

Chambres clothes are the clothes of the future. The material is unique. A wonderful natural fabric that softly encloses your body and takes you through the day into the night.

I usually say that Chambres is like a second skin. Clothes should embrace you and make you relax and feel beautiful and sensual.

Wear my clothes while traveling - a great feeling of freedom to sit in the airplane chair and it doesn't tighten anywhere. This is how it should feel so you can relax and enjoy the ride. 

Wear my clothes when you want to dress up and feel luxurious and comfortable. The material falls so beautifully and gives you that little extra so you feel magically fine. Add a piece of jewelry and high heels and voilà, you are irresistible.

That’s the beauty of my designs … their multifunctional use.  

The future says easy care. You wash all my clothes at 40 degrees. Their high quality keeps their shape and form wash after wash.

The future is a well thought out wardrobe that works in many different contexts.

Experience the future. Chambres. 24/7 wear.

With love, Sandra

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